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Visual Curves by jrbamberg Visual Curves by jrbamberg
As a graphic designer I'm always looking to improve my skills and talents to create works of art that are both visually appealing and make a point either to sell or enjoy. While trying to come up with this design, I kept in mind the abstract logo and to use that logo as center point that and let the lines and curves flow towards that logo. It is the basis of the project and should have the most attention towards it. To bring that more into light, I use the curves to highlight the logo and to separate white space. The open area that has no curves is my white area. Speak Visual in my piece is about flow and understanding what is important from the non important elements that are there only for enjoyment and do not affect the final reasons of the artwork.

This piece speaks visually because of its smooth design look with a flow. Without flow this piece or art would fail visually and not have a reason for its existence except for a simple piece of vector art. Adding colors, textures, curves and lines that stretch across the whole design it creates that flow. The flow that ends at the most important item located in the white space. Its meaning and understanding is to visually see the logo and to have the eye flow to that most important item that makes the basis of what the project is about. Together all the elements work to make both visually appealing and make a statement.
CallMeNancy Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2009
I like! :) I always appreciate an artist's thoughts...helps me to understand.
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January 13, 2009
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